About the project

Dear Traveler,

MyAdventure is a platform created to serve the motorcycle community by allowing riders to record the most interesting details of their experiences and share them with friends, family and fans while on the go.

The idea was born in 2009 while I was drinking a cappuccino around midnight in a gas station thinking about how I re-discovered life thanks to motorcycle travels and how I am lacking a tool to express what is going on while traveling in order to share the inspiration and the positive experience with my friends. The result that night was a reserved domain (our first one - myadventure.bg) and a little sketch of what would later become our website. Several years later I quit my 9–5 job and restarted the effort on the project. Two close friends - Ignat, a website tech guru, and Georgi, a hardware guru - joined the team and together we built the first website prototype and started experimenting with our custom motion logger device.

Today we have a working website and mobile application, a robust logger device and more than 100 000 km recorded by our Beta users and a number of world famous travelers who became our fans and partners. We have numerous cool ideas for extending the platform to become the #1 place for motorcycle adventurers including connecting with friends who are also on the road, extracting useful data from shared trips and providing it on a special World Adventure Map allowing for trip planning and many others.

Dream, ride and share the experience!

Adventure Traveler and Founder of MyAdventure

P.S. We are open to partnership offers and would love to work together with other enthusiasts and companies from the adventure field.

Stoyan Haralampiev
Product Development
Ignat Ignatov
Software Platform
Georgi Motev
Hardware Platform